Hard apple cider is the perfect home brew project

Bottled apple cider for gifts

Cider gets its start in America The apple was one of the earliest crops imported by English and Western European colonists. The first documented colonial cultivated apple trees were planted in Boston as early as 1623 by William Blackstone; a minster to the settlers of Plymouth. 1 Apples made the perfect colonial homestead fruit. Each […]

7 Ways For More From Your Apple Harvest

Ripe apples

Apple harvest time is always somewhat chaotic here at Pioneer Dad’s. When the apples are ripe, for us it’s during June and July with our Beverly Hills apples, we are canning, dehydrating and cooking with apples every weekend. The harvest nearly consumes our life for a month or so. Having your own apple tree seems […]

Brewing Hard Apple Cider

Hard Cider_0112

Hard apple cider has been popular since Colonial times. Pioneer Dad’s recipe is not quite that old. We’ve been brewing this for three years and this hard apple cider recipe just keeps getting better each year. Yields 5-gallons of cider Ingredients for hard apple cider recipe 5-gallons unfiltered apple juice 10 grams (0.176 oz.) Lavin K1-V1116 or Wyeast […]