Plumbing Repairs Made Quick & Easy

Leaky pipe joint

Modern plumbing systems are usually trouble-free. But when a plumbing problem does occur, many plumbing repairs can be made quick & easy by the homeowner using a few common tools. What to do during a plumbing emergency? 1. Locate the main shutoff valve Most plumbing systems provide several shutoff valves within the home. Become familiar […]

Showerhead and Bathtub Faucet

take a shower

Changing the showerhead and bathtub faucet can quickly turn a home shower into a spa shower experience. There are many options including: multi-function spray showerheads, 5-inch to giant 10-inch rain showerheads, rain can showerheads with up to 54 spray nozzles, even 8-spray showerheads with replaceable filters to remove chlorine, dirt, and odors from the water. […]

Garbage Disposal Repair and Survival Tips

Garbage Disposal

Current garbage disposals are manufactured to provide decades of trouble-free service. But, like any household device, they will act up if abused or fed waste products that the disposal is not able to process. Under normal use most people will never need garbage disposal repair or to call a plumber or disposal technician. Here are […]