Prevent Break-ins With a Safe Garage

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In 2011 there were over 2,188,000 home burglaries across the country according to FBI reports. Home robberies are increasing by 1.7% each year. Don’t become one of the victims. Discourage burglars with a safe garage and workshop.

Burglars prefer garages and workshops that offer easy entry and a quick escape. It’s nearly impossible to make a structure completely secure. But, you can make it difficult enough that burglars will move on to easier targets down the street.

1. Strengthen all side doors

Side doors are the weakest point of garages and workshops offering the easiest break-in point. Make doors more secure with a U-shaped reinforcement plate, which fits around the edge of the door and under the deadbolt. This prevents the door from splitting during an attempted forced entry. Install heavy-duty strike plates, with 3-inch screws, that extend through the strike plate, doorframe and wall studs. This prevents the door frame from splitting by distributing the attack force across several wall studs.

2. Install higher grade locks

Upgrade to a Grade-1 deadbolt, which provides free spinning guards, to prevent wrench attacks. Better locks should three upgrade features: anti-pry shields, anti-pick top pins and ball bearing embedded cylinder cores to prevent drilling to defeat the lock.

3. Upgrade to stronger door hinges

Most hinges do little to keep burglars out. They are another popular point of attack. Replace any standard hinge screws with 3-inch long screws that extend into the wall studs. Standard door hinges usually have removable pins. If the door swings out, a burglar can remove the pins with a screwdriver and lift the door off the hinge. Exterior doors should all be upgraded to fixed pin hinges, which are not removable.

4. Better windows

Replace all glass garage door pains and windows with polycarbonate panels. Impact resistant polycarbonate is a thermoplastic that is exceedingly tough, resistant to ultraviolet rays, as well as, mimics the look of glass. It is available in clear and opaque sheets, making it the ideal choice for security-related applications. Opaque panels can let light in but prevent burglars from seeing what is inside.

5. Security systems for access points

A security system will dramatically increase the perimeter security for garages and workshops. Doors and windows should be fitted with contacts and motion sensors. These structures need the same level of coverage as the house to protect valuable tools and recreation equipment.

Consider adding motion activated lighting. Burglars avoid light and this makes a good tactic to discourage them before they damage your property. Garage door remote opener in vehicles should be replaced with keychain remotes instead. Burglars breaking a vehicle window to find a remote will be prevented getting into a garage or workshop. Prevent overhead garage doors from being left open by installing a device that automatically closes the door after a certain number of minutes. They are completely programmable and can be reprogrammed at any time.

Garages and workshops contain thousands of dollars of tools and equipment. Upgrading the security for these structures is simple and can be done my most homeowners with hand tools. Be smart and protect yourself. Don’t become the next victim.

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