Easy Repairs for outdoor faucets

Internal parts of faucet

Promptly repairing a leaking outdoor faucet your self can save money and can prevent serious water damage to the home’s exterior, or leakage into basement windows. Faucet repair may seem complicated. But it is usually a simple task. Most faucet leaks are caused by one of two reasons: 1) the washer at the valve seat no […]

How to Fix Common Window Problems


Replacing windows and doors in the home can be expensive. Running into thousands of dollars for replacements. With a little labor most homeowners can fix window problems and restore them to proper working order. Minor problems such as drafts, rattles, even broken window frames can be fixed without special skills using common woodworking tools. 1. […]

Quick Tips for Rain Gutter Repair & Maintenance


Inspect and clean rain gutters two times a year: before the beginning of winter and again after spring. Homes in a heavily wooded area, or surrounded by overhanging trees, will need more frequent cleaning. Rain gutter repair isn’t difficult, but it’s important to inspect them regularly to avoid damage during rainy seasons. Leaves, twigs, and seedpods […]