Drying Herbs In A Microwave

Growing lavender

Drying herbs in a microwave offers a quick and easy way to extend your herb garden bounty. This technique is well suited to most herbs; thick flowers like lavender down to thin leafy herbs such as basil. Preserving herb flavor and color is a challenge with any preservation method: air-drying, oven or dehydrator drying or […]

How to Harvest Rosemary

drying rosemary

Harvesting rosemary is a way to enjoy the herb during the winter months or whenever the growing season is over for your garden.  Over the years rosemary has become one of my favorite culinary herbs. There is a pot of it growing on my front patio, and another on the rear patio. Rosemary is one of those Mediterranean […]

4 Culinary Herbs to Grow in the Garden

fresh parsley

Growing fresh culinary herbs is a simple way to add additional layers of flavor and excitement to meals without adding calories, carbs, or fat. A few fresh herbs snipped from the garden can add an accent to almost any dish. Packaged meals or canned foods take on an entirely new complexity when fresh herbs are […]