14 sites to bookmark for emergency survival

Hurricane Sandy destruction

Emergency survival measures are critical before, during and after any emergency. Emergency survival tips to keep you safe. Emergency preparedness planning is critical for everyone. Most communities may be impacted by major emergencies during a lifetime: pandemic, drought, wild fire, flood, hurricane, tsunami, civilian unrest or earthquakes are just a few. Even travel brings different […]

Prepare Your Home for an Earthquake

earthquake house

Earthquakes arrive, with little or no warning causing devastating property damage and loss of life. Take steps to secure your home and reduce the possible damage and danger to your family. 1. How to prepare for a quake Check for dangers zones; windows, heavy furniture, appliances and hanging mirrors. Tall furniture; china cabinets, large mirrors […]

After an Earthquake, What to Do

Terremoto in Emilia, Italy, Cavezzo - earthquake

After an earthquake event devastating property damage will cause panic in most of the population. Emergency earthquake responders will be busy responding to the greatest damage. Take steps to prepare your home and recover from the earthquake quickly. 1. Expect earthquake aftershocks   Expect frequent aftershocks. The secondary shock waves are less violent the main quake. […]