Storing Canned Food

Grain in tins

There are finite limits to how long food can be preserved. Storing canned food faces several factors which limit the shelf-life over time. 1. Factors that limit shelf life Cans or jars with metal lids are susceptible to rust. If the rust becomes deep enough, tiny holes open in the can or lid that may let […]

Emergency Water Storage Tips

5 gallon water grey bkg

Water Can Make the Difference Between Life & Death. Get prepared, follow these emergency water storage tips at home. Water is perhaps the most crucial necessity to support life. Most of the general public, when surveyed, reported they don’t have an emergency water storage plan or any drinking water supply in case of an emergency. […]

14 sites to bookmark for emergency survival

Hurricane Sandy destruction

Emergency survival measures are critical before, during and after any emergency. Emergency survival tips to keep you safe. Emergency preparedness planning is critical for everyone. Most communities may be impacted by major emergencies during a lifetime: pandemic, drought, wild fire, flood, hurricane, tsunami, civilian unrest or earthquakes are just a few. Even travel brings different […]