Tree stumps into furniture and other useful items

Stump coffee table 8498

Windstorms, ice storms or disease can destroy trees. Owners are frequently left with an unsightly tree stump. But, there are lots of opportunities to turn that tree stump into something useful for the outdoors or inside the home. 1. Tree stump coffee table for the living room Recycling a tree stump for a coffee table […]

10 Ways to Create Dramatic Garden Design

Relaxing in a Thai styled living area, rural villa

Dramatic garden design in outdoor spaces can add instant charm to a home. Boring outdoor spaces can become an obstacle to enjoying the outdoors. Homeowners with smaller urban landscapes will need to think creatively to do more with less space. But, the good news is even small spaces can still be dramatic, inviting and loaded […]

Build A Treehouse With Your Kids

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Treehouses can be a magical place for children filled with imagination and adventure; sail a pirate ship, explore chambers in a castle, a secret clubhouse, or a special and secure place for sleepovers. Build a treehouse that is fun for the entire family. Safety is a big issue when planning the treehouse, so plan to include […]