Plumbing Repairs Made Quick & Easy

Leaky pipe joint

Modern plumbing systems are usually trouble-free. But when a plumbing problem does occur, many plumbing repairs can be made quick & easy by the homeowner using a few common tools. What to do during a plumbing emergency? 1. Locate the main shutoff valve Most plumbing systems provide several shutoff valves within the home. Become familiar […]

My First Cajun Deep Fried Turkey

Cajun Deep Fried Turkey

My first deep-fried turkey experience was due to my best friend from high school. Tom Finney was a confirmed 100% Cajun, a wizard with backyard cooking and very proud of his heritage. My introduction to Cajun deep-fried turkey was an eye-opening event. “Byen mersi, Tom” (thank you very much, Tom). Pioneer Dad had been raised […]