Hard apple cider is the perfect home brew project

Bottled apple cider for gifts

Cider gets its start in America The apple was one of the earliest crops imported by English and Western European colonists. The first documented colonial cultivated apple trees were planted in Boston as early as 1623 by William Blackstone; a minster to the settlers of Plymouth. 1 Apples made the perfect colonial homestead fruit. Each […]

Plumbing Repairs Made Quick & Easy

Leaky pipe joint

Modern plumbing systems are usually trouble-free. But when a plumbing problem does occur, many plumbing repairs can be made quick & easy by the homeowner using a few common tools. What to do during a plumbing emergency? 1. Locate the main shutoff valve Most plumbing systems provide several shutoff valves within the home. Become familiar […]

My First Cajun Deep Fried Turkey

Cajun Deep Fried Turkey

My first deep-fried turkey experience was due to my best friend from high school. Tom Finney was a confirmed 100% Cajun, a wizard with backyard cooking and very proud of his heritage. My introduction to Cajun deep-fried turkey was an eye-opening event. “Byen mersi, Tom” (thank you very much, Tom). Pioneer Dad had been raised […]