The Secrets of USDA Meat Grades Revealed

Woman shopping in supermarket

How the USDA meat grades affect the meat in your shopping cart? Who determines the quality or grade of the meat you buy? Could it be grocery store? Or, is it the meat processing plant? Is it the federal government? Just how much does the grade of meat affect the taste, tenderness and price of meat? […]

Secrets to Baking Perfect Pizzas


I have been on a quest to discover the secrets to baking perfect pizzas. Spending a month in Italy painting landscapes and eating classic Roman food pretty much ruined American pizza for Pioneer Dad. While in Rome, we dined at a small neighborhood trattoria recommended by our hotel concierge. It was so exceptional we kept going back and […]

Water Bath vs. Pressure Canning: How to Choose

Pressure and Water Bath Canner

Beginning food preservation requires several decisions. Water bath vs. pressure canning: how to choose between these two popular methods? Water bath canning is easier and well suited for most fruits and pickles, but it can’t be used for low-acid foods such as meat and some vegetables. Pressure canning; on the other hand, can seem intimidating to […]